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Garden Security Complete!

We finished the garden fencing project! In fact, we’ve already started setting up raised beds and planting the grapevines.

I’m soo excited!

With the weather being a bit unpredictable this past week (lots of wind, scattered thunderstorms, etc.) we haven’t been able to get much more done in terms of planting and situating more beds. But that’s okay…that’s the fun stuff. The hard work (fencing) is already done.

The rest is just playin’ in the dirt.

Dirt that the dogs now cannot dig into! Woo-hoo. So, instead of this:

We’ll have this:

Zeeva wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of being outside the fence while I worked inside, but she’ll get over it. (After running laps around the garden, looking for a way in, she just stood at the garden gate and barked her displeasure.)

Planning the Plantings

After doing a little digging (literally AND figuratively) and reading up on companion plantings and such, I’ve finally decided where to put everything.

I’ve read that basil and tomatos grow well together, boosting up each other’s flavor.

I’ve read that marigolds help keep various pests away from tomatos and other plants.

I’ve read that nasturiums attract amphids away from beans.

I’ve read a lot more, but that’s the important stuff (aside from what plants don’t do so well near other plants. So, I’ve laid out a garden plan for where I’m putting what…at least for this first go-round. (Previously, I just kind of planted things all over the place – kind of a potluck approach.)

The lavendar, parsley and oregano won’t be in raised beds. The lavendar, I plan to plant directly into the ground next to the gate. The parsley and oregano I’ll move from seed trays into pots so I can move them if/when needed.

I also plan to add some hanging baskets around the upper edges of the brick wall. I want to try a few more herbs, like chamomile in those baskets.

Cross your fingers for us…let’s hope I don’t kill anything this year. :)

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